The Weather's Great: 1DIRLUST Interview

This is the first in a new series of interview posts I'm calling "The weather's great." Whenever you ask people what they love about LA, there is always a pause, a quizzical look and then it happens, they say "the weather's great." There is so much more to know and love about this city that I call home. Whether you were born here or moved here, LA chose you. It is one of the most diverse cities in the world and has so much to offer. Join me as we go beneath the surface to find out what makes LA so awesome as told by the people who live here. 

"Love begins with an image; lust with a sensation" - Mason Cooley


Where are you from? 


What part of LA do you live in?


What is your favorite part of LA and why?

West Hollywood - The arts culture in this area is the most prominent in which I've got access to, I've met so many amazing artists which usually focus on this area. There's amazing installations by some of the my favourite artists in the area, my favorite is a piece done by @thrashbird on Melrose Avenue - and another piece which was done by an Australian artist Lister which was painted on a private wall behind a clothing shop on Melrose.

What is one thing anyone visiting LA should do that only a local would know? 

Well, know your suburbs, there's some rough neighborhoods around here some worse than others, I've had artist friends placing pieces up in shady areas only to come back to their cars all smashed up and broken into. And another thing, don't waste your time taking poor low quality shots of the Hollywood sign, drive all the way up to the top of Muholland Drive and you'll find a road which leads right up to the bottom of the sign, it's the closest you can possibly get to it without getting arrested. One last thing, the homeless there's lots of them and they're harmless, don't fear them or act weirdly around them, buy them some food it'll make their day and yours as well. I've got a bunch of homeless friends i hook up with a huge box of biscuits every now and then right near Trader Joes in Hollywood, one night i was being approached by a bunch of drunks looking to cause problems and my homeless friends straight up defended me, it was awesome.

What defines street wear or street style to you?

Well that's tough, it's really based on what's flowing / trending in a specific group/area of people at any given time, it's all up to the persons personal preference. I think it's near impossible to answer this question as style changes as the days go by.


What's your favorite place to shop for new style? 

In LA you can't go wrong with any of the shops on Melrose Avenue, there's a shop for every style of street wear i usually dabble in. I'm usually located in Australia so i shop via Culture Kings. My style usually consists of long sleeve t-shirts with huge prints on the front / back. I'm usually pushing around in jeans a long sleeve t-shirt and either Converse - Chuck Taylors or big chunky basketball shoes like my favorite Adidas Space Diver Chicago Bulls Hi Tops - EBAY LINK.  

Who is your favorite streetwear brand or street artist right now? 

I've not got a specific favorite street artist, i tend to group them in categories / style, but if i were to throw a few out there that i follow more frequently than others it'd have to be THE169 / PIKE, Ben Frost Is Dead, Thrashbird, Whisbee, COST, Shepard Fairey - 2010, Lister, and just tons more, i can't list them all here! 



1DIRLUST is an Australian artist who made a name for himself by putting up thousands of works around the world featuring a smirking fox. Starting out in Melbourne, Australia. 1DIRLUST quickly moved from state to state, eventually Australia knew his name. On this note 1DIRLUST set out on a world wide venture, mostly focusing his attention to the US whilst going through Europe and finishing up in Asia. The concept behind 1DIRLUST is in the name, wherever, whenever, LUST.

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