All Day I Dream About Shirts

This is a story about passion. This is a story about pride. This is a story about LA. 

I grew up before Nike, before Jordan brand.

When I was a kid, Adidas ruled the world. Depending on who old you were, you had a different interpretation of what Adidas stood for. When you were young, it was All Day I Dream About Sports or maybe All Day I Dream About Soccer. When you got a little older and realized that girls liked guys who were good at sports, it stood for All Day I Dream About Sex. (And boy, did we dream about sex).

The story moves on. On past the Betamax, the VCR, the DVD and even Blu-Ray.  

Now my Adidas is All Day I Dream About Shirts. At least once a day and sometimes more, I see something, hear something, remember some moment from my youth and I think of a t-shirt idea. For me, it's a creative outlet in a world where I have little room to be creative. It's much more than that though.

What is it I love about t-shirts? I love the feel of a soft, vintage t-shirt. I love the way they smell.I love the way they can be a second skin that you can shed on a daily basis to be whoever or whatever you want, in a way you can't with a tattoo, a haircut, a mustache, a beard. I love that they are generally low risk, high reward, a $20 or $30 statement. They say things like I was there, I belong or I don't belong. 

I love sports. I love LA. I love t-shirts. I hope you find at least one that you like, but if not, come back again soon, because All Day I Dream About Shirts, so there will be more. 


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