Punk Me Tender Interview

Are you from Los Angeles originally or somewhere else?

I'm born in Paris 

What brought you to Los Angeles?
My dreams

Who or what in Los Angeles inspires you or influences your art?
The sparkle of stars that rain in the sky when the Indian sunset go to a peaceful sleep

How did you get started in art? In street art?
Art started me

Tell us about the first time you created a piece of public art?

It was in a duet with a old friend of mine , about 15 years ago , we were young and if I remember well , it was more a Graffitti kind of piece and it went all over the wall and the street . Looked like shit but the passion was there , lol.

You seem to have a few very distinct styles to your art, especially your street art. Some are very clean and concise and integrate fashion or other design items and others are large scale and have a very spontaneous and impromptu feel. Is there a style you prefer over the other and what inspires or motivates each style.

It's been about 2 years that I developed this new concept "Punkmetender"
So far I been experiencing and not really giving it to much thought. 
I m a natural and impulsive
My idea is to confuse people , that way they don't know what to expect , which make it more interesting for my journey

I really love the multi-media pieces that incorporate the two dimensional figure and a real article of clothing. What was the first piece like that you did and what sparked that idea?

The first piece was inspired by a Jean Paul Gaultier design that he created for Madonna back in the 90s. My idea was that in order to be fashionable it had to include real fabric. 
As simple as that

Punk Me Tender mixed media diva

If you could do a collaboration with someone from the fashion world, a designer, a model, etc. who would it be and why? What about the same, but in the art world, who would you most want to collaborate with and why?

100% Jean Paul Gaultier. He's a true artist and I really connect to his art

Also I would love to collaborate with Phillipe Starck. I love the scale and over the top art that he design .

Anonymity seems very important to you, not just for yourself, but also for your models in your public art and even in your photos. In your public art, faces often either are not shown in detail or have their eyes covered over (which I love). Is this to keep the subject anonymous or is there another motivation behind it.

Ego is most of the time like cocaine. It make you feel amazing and the more u get , the more you want. It's easy to forget the real point. Anonymity protect your ego and give you more freedom.

My model represent a vision of a women with a big W , they are heroes. Therefore , stronger when their soul is out, they become invulnerable, iconic....


Who is your favorite model/subject to work with?
I find a hero in every women that I get to meet.


A lot of your photography has a bondage theme. Is this an artistic expression only or something more?

I am studying the art of bondage in my own way . I like the psychological contrast and danger in this art

Photo by @punkmetender_art

Bondage is -----?
Terribly pleasurable

Photo by @punkmetender_art

Dominance is -----?

Photo by @punkmetender_art

Submissiveness is ------?

Photo by @punkmetender_art

What is next up for Punk Me Tender?
First solo show in Los Angeles , September 2016


Do yourself a favor and follow @punkmetender_art. See you at the show in September!

All photos by @lafootballleague except where noted.

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