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7 Questions: The Thrashbird Interview

A few years ago, when I first started getting interested in street art, there were a few artists whose work seemed to be everywhere, @1DIRLUST, @sickid1, @teachr1, @imhuge, @wrdsmth, @the169 and @thrashbird13. Over time, their art became my obsession and helped re-open my eyes to the ever changing canvas of our city, Los Angeles. One artist and one image seemed to appear in more and more places and with greater and greater frequency than any other. That image was Clones and...

Pastey Whyte Interview

I recently sat down with street artist Pastey Whyte for an interview, but things things didn't exactly go as I planned. What transpired was less an interview and more a two hour conversation and education on art, street art and a passion for both.